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The birth of this websitee Finally finished!!!!


Welcome to my amazing website!!!

Click for cool plant in fridge

>And i watched the water unfold~

Some info about me:

  • My name is Thomas
  • I like to program even though i lack a whole lot of motivation lol
  • I like cats :3

I made this website since ive seen a really cool one and wanted to make my own :3:3

Expect this site to change a lot since im constantly working on it, so the entire look can suddenly change

Inspired by:

Some cool gifs(or not gifs) my friends told me to add :3


TODO List:

Some stuff im probably going to put onto here (or not lol)

  • DONE | Find a good font to use lol
  • DONE | blog page
  • IN PROGRESS |Markup support for my obsidian documentation
  • Some place to put my updates on (probably also the blog page lol)
  • A daily user counter
  • An about me page
  • Improve the styling
  • A place to post pictures ive made
  • Some button that pulls up a funny image or meme
  • Mobile support
  • etc